Auto Screen Capture

What was that?! What just happened?! These are the questions you will never need ask when you're armed with Auto Screen Capture. Go back in time with the best free automated key and screen capturing utility available. Never miss a moment.

Automatically take full-screen screenshots of up to four displays (and screenshots of the active window) and save them in chronological order at a capture rate determined by you using one of seven image formats: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or WMF.

Set an automated scheduled screen capture session to start and stop at chosen times (and on particular days of the week).

View which days screenshots were taken using the calendar and play a slideshow of the selected day's screen capture session.

Edit screenshots using your preferred image editors. Add as many editors as you like.

Log keystrokes to a specified file. See which window was active and when the keystrokes occurred during key logging.

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